The Soul Doctor

What is a story that never ends?

Put simply - our actions have consequences.

Our good deeds have an effect that is beyond time.

Our kind words can change a person that can affect generations after generations.

What is a story?

A story touches our imagination. It touches our insides. It is an inspiration. It can be a life

changing event. It takes you to another place or time. A powerful story has the power to transform.

One of the most powerful story tellers of the last century was Reb Shlomo Carlebach.

This website blog will take your on a journey. There will be blogs about the powerful stories that never end, about the growing influence of the use of Music to connect People to their souls.

 This phenomenon was started and inspired by the Dancing Rabbi – Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. However, as we will see Reb Shlomo as he was known to followers was more than just a singing or dancing Rabbi.

Reb Shlomo himself became the story that that never ends.

Our Featured Story

To take a phrase out the Broadway show the Soul Doctor depicting his life story and message. He was a soul doctor. On reflection, this name soul doctor is much deeper than just the dancing rabbi. Reb Shlomo was a fixer of souls. He used music as a way to inspire and connect people with their souls,

And that is why this website is souldctorstories.com

Reb Shlomo used stories as a way to inspire and connect people with their souls. Reb Shlomo  not only told over stories , but he became the master of the never ending story. He became part of our story.

The Broadway Show the Soul Doctor takes us on an odyssey through the triumphs of a cultural phenomenon, - Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. His music inspired millions of people around the world.

Our featured story - Niggun for Broken Hearts Shimon Breitkopf is a prime example of this. This is followed up a sequel showcasing how stories never end.

We would like you share your Shlomo Story. How you met Shlomo, how your story made you a more connected person . How you story is a never ending journey. Please share your story by sending this to souldoctorstories@gmail.com