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Soul Brothers

These days, brothers Shlomo and Eitan Katz can as often be found teaching Torah and chassidus as performing music L’maan chayach mecharkeir b’shir, hamelameid Torah b’chol klei shir…“For the sake of the joyful one who dances to song, who teaches Torah with every musical instrument…” (From the hoshanos recited on Hoshana Rabbah) An audience sits rapt in a darkened venue in Jerusalem as a guitar sounds plaintive notes that wind into chords. The crowd — men in knitted kippot, as well as black yarmulkes, fedoras, and some shtreimlach too — starts swaying as the chords build on each other and the melody takes a familiar shape. As the audience rises in one voice to take hold of it, the band picks

Niggun for Broken Hearts

He sat in the women’s gallery of the neighborhood shul from morning to night, writing his chiddushim and dissecting folios, but what really sparked my curiosity was the tune he used to accompany his Torah learning — sometimes it sounded like a ballad of yearning, sometimes like a victory march. Little did I know it was a song that would change my Yom Tov — and my life. A true story. The following story and its sequel are real live dangers of abusive teachers (or parents). It is a story of souls being repaired. The catalyst of bringing back this off derech youth was through a Rabbi with a guitar , long hair, It was an exciting time in my life. It was right before Shavuos, and I was about to c

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