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Reb Shlomo's Torah

Listen to me, sweetest friends. Just to talk about loving people, loving G-d, about healing people, you touch the center of the world, the center of life. Because, what is the most G-dlike thing you can do to another human being? How does G-d give us life? Rav Nachman calls it “noam elyon” - high sweetness. There is nothing sweeter in the world than loving somebody. Even in this world, it’s sweet. Rav Nachman says that heavenly sweetness is coming down into this world every second, every billionth of a second. It’s flowing down. The only thing is, you must have the sense to pick it up. There are two kinds of love in the world. can you imagine, I am walking down the street, don’t

Soul Doctor stories

Soul Doctor is a musical based on the life of the colourful dancing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. This Article will highlight certain landmarks / influences that will give background generation of Soul Doctors that were inspired by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. The Article will look at growing influence Interest amongst Chareidim in both Shlomo’s music and teachings , the Annual Events around his Yartzeit. We will then highlight a new book – “You never Know” with over 25 Contributors who in own way try to expand what they consider were Shlomo’s greatest teachings. What is unique about Shlomo is that he inspired, and his legacy continues to inspires and empowers to fix a wrong that each particular perso

Fixing the World

The Article was was written Alon Teeger who was brought Reb Shlomo to South Africa on 4 trips and was a close friend and talmid of Reb Shlomo. Alon and his wife Rena love on Meor Modiin (The Carlebach Mashov) and is Charperson of the Carlebach Foundation. Before going into the interview. below are some links to Reb Shlomo in South Africa. Concert FIXING THE WORLD On this Tish B ‘Av I thought it would be appropriate to post Extracts from interviews with Reb Shlomo Carlebach in South Africa which was prepared by Alon Teeger. Why – because that from the time of the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash (The Temple), the world is need of Fixing. Interviewer: Reb Shlomo, you go around t

Moishele Good Shabbos

A good story takes you back in time. A holy story doesn't have to, it keeps on taking place. I’m writing this on the yahrzeit [memorial anniversary] of R’ Moshe Heschel, also known as “Moishele Good Shabbos”. While attending a wedding of dear friends just a few years ago, our lives changed forever. Before telling you exactly why, we need to journey back in time, and open our hearts to one of the most powerful moments in Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s life. For now, I hand over the reins to Rav Shlomo himself and leave him to tell the story as only he can… Reb Shlomo ztz'l: Watch the video here I don’t want to tell you sad stories, it's not really sad, maybe a little bit, but it’s also a gevalt. Ev

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