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Unfortunately today, there is growing trend by our Jewish youth to not only identify and support Israel, but to be anti. We now need to cultivate a greater understanding of : a) the Jews rights to Israel b) The Torah as a base of Zionism c) refute the Arab claims d) understand the importance of having a Jewish State. In this Video taped in Phoenix, AZ at a teaching on February 6, 1994.Temple Chai. copyright Spirit of the Desert Productions. Reb Shlomo make a passionate plea that is still very relevant today. Https://www.ruach.org/ Reb Sarah Leah founded Ruach Hamidbar – Spirit of the Desert in 1989. She is committed to inspiring, educating and supporting people to joyfully experience and cel

House of Love and Prayer

The House of Love and Prayer is a Centre (Including a synagogue) where the melodies of Rabbi Carlebach fill one’s soul with joy and sweetness. Named after the popular Carlebach center in San Francisco, Today, there are is a Tzfat's House of Love and Prayer shares the goal of giving everyone the feeling of home--even if one lives at the other end of the world. In addition , the seeds of a House and Love Prayer is taking root in Tel Aviv. Our dream is for every major City around the world to have a House of Love and Prayer. Cultural and Spiritual Center Established by students of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, this shul offers Carlebach’s renewed approach to one’s relationship with G-d and Judaism a

Aaron Razel – Letter to Shlomo

Aharon Razel (Hebrew: אהרן רזאל‎), born in New York City in 1974, is an Israeli musician. His music explores topics such as the Torah, Orthodox Judaism and living in Israel. Aharon can be described as a Soul Doctor who cobines Torah and Music and was inspired by Reb Shlomo. Razel came to Israel with his family when he was one month old. He started playing various instruments at an early age, mainly the piano, guitar, violin and recorder. He composed small pieces for different ensembles.When Razel was in 4th grade, his family became religious so he moved to a religious school. When he was in 7th grade he switched back to secular education, attending Hebrew University High SchoolIn 1988, he st

Soul Doctors

Soul Doctor is a musical It based on the life of the colourful dancing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. This Article will highlight certain landmarks / influences that will give background generation of Soul Doctors that were inspired by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. The Article will look at growing influence Interest amongst Chareidim in both Shlomo’s music and teachings , the Annual Events around his Yartzeit. We will then highlight a new book – “You never Know” with over 25 Contributors who in own way try to expand what they consider were Shlomo’s greatest teachings. What is unique about Shlomo is that he inspired, and his legacy continues to inspires and empowers to fix a wrong that each particular pe


The Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat is an upbeat spiritual Experience that has revolutionised the way many communities across the world have brought in Shabbat. What can be more natural into today’s busy connected world to turn off for 24 hours , being at peace with yourself and nature and usher in the Shabbat through singing and dancing, Links: Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat Carlebach Inspirational first time Shabbat story: I want to share a some words Reb Sholom Brodt Z”L who relates the following : ENTERING ERETZ YISRAEL AND ENTERING SHABBOS: Entering into Shabbos is similar to entering into Eretz Yisrael. Just like we had to leave the wilderness and enter into the Holy Land, so too each week we l

Moishele Good Shabbas

A good story takes you back in time. A holy story doesn't have to, it keeps on taking place. I’m writing this on the yahrzeit [memorial anniversary] of R’ Moshe Heschel, also known as “Moishele Good Shabbos”. While attending a wedding of dear friends just a few years ago, our lives changed forever. Before telling you exactly why, we need to journey back in time, and open our hearts to one of the most powerful moments in Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach’s life. For now, I hand over the reins to Rav Shlomo himself and leave him to tell the story as only he can… Reb Shlomo ztz'l: Watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UYEBNG_bkM I don’t want to tell you sad stories, it's not really sad, ma

Reb Shlomo Does His Magic (again)​.

"Reb Shlomo, would you do a talk on God for two hours next Tuesday afternoon?" "Sure". It was around 1987 and I had the privilige and pleasure of bringing our holy rebbe to meet the kids at Machon LeMadrichim-The Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad' in Jerusalem and talk to them about God. It was part of their Judaism segment and as the dati rosh chavura on staff these two weeks were my programming responsibility. I invited my holy friends Rabbis Dovid Hertzberg, Z'L and David Zeller, Z'L (sigh) to teach with me and we created a wonderful program of creative learning and holy mayhem. The students were American and British youth group activists from HaShomer HaTzayir and HaBonim-Dror; int


Melinda ( Mindy) Ribner, a teacher of Jewish meditation, a spiritual psychotherapist and healer in private practice for over 35 years, received a public “ semicha” from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory to do her unique work. Her six published books on topics such as meditation, Kabbalah, and Biblical women may be purchased on Amazon. To receive monthly teachings about the energies and spiritual opportunities each month and more, contact her at Ribner@msn.com. www.Kabbalahoftheheart.com. The prayers of Rosh Hashanah are designed for us to tap into the original divine vision and purpose for creation. In so doing, our souls are uplifted and we can receive a glimpse of the people God wan

The conversation with Reb Shlomo that changed my life

The conversation with Reb Shlomo that changed my life: - Since the early 1970s, Reb Shlomo, TZ’L was my main living exemplar of living Torah consciousness. Another word for ‘Rebbe’ I suppose. He had been my Rebbe for some time but when I became a Rabbi, I really really to the deepest depths needed a Rebbe. Especially when it came to a consequential question that faced me soon after officially becoming an Orthodox Rabbi. It was the late spring of 1989. I had just returned from North America where I was offered a very creative Rabbinical position. For a Reb Zalman, Shlita, connected Renewal community in which females participated equally in prayer leading and of course without a mechitza. Up u

The Holiness of the Land and of its People

Reprinted with permission of Connections Magazine. Copyright (C) 1986 Congregation Kehilat Jacob Hakrev Ushma Division There is a teaching from the lshbitzer that says that a man brought an object from somebody and he thought that it was copper and worth one hundred rubles. And someone stole it from him. Then he discovered it it really was made of gold. They caught the thief, who had sold the object, and asked the Holy Rosh how much he had to pay. The Rosh ruled, and I don’t know if all the rabbis agree with him, that he is only the baal bayis (the owner) to as much as he thinks it was worth. Since he thought that it was only copper, and only worth one hundred rubles, the thief ha


NESHAMA SHIRIT-THE SINGING SOUL Twenty three years ago, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Z”L left this plane of existence. It is extraordinary to see how his shira-song and Torah are emerging into Am Israel and into the world. He single-handedly created prayer songs that continue to open ‘shaarei tefilla-the gates of prayer’ ‘besimcah ve’beranaana-with joy and jubilation. He taught the post holocaust world to sing with God again. His Torahs through tapes and books in Hebrew and English are inspiring and enlightening new generations of light and truth seekers. Apparently, there any more than a few people in the Mir and other related yeshivot that are listening to his Torahs and story tapes in their no

About Simcha, Happiness

You see friends, G-d makes it a little bit hard not to give up hope on the world. It is so easy to give up hope on the world. I remember just some time ago I was driving in Tel Aviv with the head of Jewish education in Israel. A good man, he has a yarmulke and tzitzits, everything cute and sweet. And he says to me, in all seriousness, "Let's face it, we will never have peace in Israel. There will always be war." By the next red light – it's for real – I said; I don’t want to drive with you. I don’t want to drive with you. You don’t believe in G-d, because you don’t believe in people. Our prophets promised us that one day the whole world will be good. So what good is it that you talk about Je

Mazaltov - Marriage Meditations

Our Love Letter Listen Kallah, can you imagine what kind of love letters Avraham is writing to Sara? I don’t know where they are, you know, but I can give you a little hint. They are written right here on this paper [the Ketubah]. Because this is the love letter that a Jewish man writes to his wife. It is the deepest, deepest, holiest, most exalted, most everlasting, most deepest, deepest, deepest, deepest love in the world. And Chosson, I want you to know that our Holy Rabbis, when they put the words together, it was not just in general, words which will be good and beautiful for all married couples to write to each other. They mamash prophetically saw every Jew who is getting married

Tisha B'av - The day after

Tisha b'Av is only good if you remember it a little bit longer. If the next day is just the same as it was before, what good is the whole thing? The difference between a doctor and a layman is very simple. Imagine if a layman walks into a hospital, and he will see people dying, he will run out and just be heartbroken. "What can I do? Everybody is dying." The more patients the doctor sees, the more he realizes what he has to do. Tisha b'Av is not just to show you destruction. The whole idea of Tisha b'Av is that once a year G-d opens our eyes and we see how destroyed the world is, and it gives us strength to do something. See, it's a very strange thing. On one hand the world is less destroyed

Getting in touch with your soul on Tisha B'Av

Getting in touch with your soul on Tisha B'Av In this blog, there a various insights and stories that can help you connect to Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the month of Av (Jul. 21-22, 2018), which is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, on which we fast, deprive ourselves and pray. It is the culmination of the Three Weeks, a period of time during which we mark the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Our featured Video al eileh ani bochiya which is song in Shuls on Tisha B’av. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bsgVmaS2gY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_-MOXMjgdw Tisha b’Av: Begging G-d for intimacy It is possible to do everything G-d wants you to do and not to be intimate with G-d.

The Pied Piper ~ Dancing With Joy

Joy set up http://rebshlomocarlebach-ztl.blogspot.com/ where you can find more stories & Info. (Every year in Los Angeles, California, Joy Krauthammer helps organize with Valley Beth Shalom Cantor Herschel Fox and Rabbi Ed Feinstein, and with Rabbi/Cantor Monty Turner and (former) Rabbi Debra Orenstein of Makom Ohr Shalom [as part of Daniel Pearl World Music Days], Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, Yahrzeit Memorial Farbrengans, to remember the legacy of our beloved Rebbe. In addition to playing percussion with the finest tribute musicians, as she did with Reb Shlomo, Joy loves to share with the congregations, her personal stories of Reb Shlomo Carlebach. http://www.danielpearlmusicday

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