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Parshat Va'etchanan - Shabbos Nachamu

Tisha b'Av is only good if you remember it a little bit longer. If the next day is just the same as it was before, what good is the whole thing? ▪ Remember Who You Are - Be Who You Are ▪ A Free Gift and Being with Hashem ▪ Praying to Pray ▪ Shabbos, The Shema & Tzedakah ▪ Shabbos Nachamu & a Song From Reb Shlomo Remember Who You Are - Be Who You Are Whatever one might say about this parsha would probably be an understatement. In it you will find not only the Ten Commandments and Shma Yisrael, and the mitzvah of Tshuvah and much more. You will find Moshe Rabbeinu speaking to us quite lovingly and even uncompromisingly, exhorting

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