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Even Shlomo - Parsha Bo

Featured Video - Reb Sholon Brodt z"l - Personal Exodus Book Launch Even Shlomo - Reb Shlomo on Parshas Bo - Darkness You know friends, the saddest thing is that during the plague of darkness in Egypt, for three days nobody saw one another. By us Yiddelach there was the same darkness, but the Torah says 'for Israel it was light'. So, the ordinary meaning is that for Egypt it was dark and for the Yidden there was light. But the real deeper meaning is that in Egypt it was dark; they didn't see anybody else. What do us Yiddelach do when it is dark? We look for somebody else. I'll tell you something so deep. When there is light, you don't feel so lonesome. When it's dark, you mamesh need someone

Even Shlomo - Va’era

I want to say a gevalt thing. The Gemara says that when you learn when you are young - and everyone knows it doesn’t mean young in years - but it’s like I make myself, that today I’m learning for the first time. This learning is like learning on a new page. Learning old is already like learning on a page that was written with two thousand words. It has millions of meanings, but right now let me tell you something. What does it mean that you learn like a child? It means it’s not really clear to me yet. I’m learning the Gemara but I don’t really know it yet, I just know a little bit. But that little bit is so precious. When I know everything it’s beautiful. But it stops being precious. The h

Even Shlomo - Parsha Shemot

Parsha Shemot – Oh How Subtle It Is! How Were We Enslaved? It was very subtle at first. Indeed, we did not even realize that it was happening until we started to personally feel the pain. The Munkaczer Rebbe points out that we learn in the Torah and in the Midrash that initially life was pretty good for us in Egypt. We had houses of Torah study, and financially we were well provided for. There in exile we thought that we were fine! In his book The Jew in the Lotus, Roger Kamenitz asked Reb Shlomo zt"l why he was so insistent to bring us all back to Judaism. He asked why "When so many “'Jewbu's’ are finding fulfilling spirituality elsewhere why should they return to Judaism?" After all, Kamen

Parshat Va'yechi - Yaakov Lived

בס"ד “My dearest brothers and sisters I bring you regards from the holy city, Yerushalayim” –Reb Shlomo zt”l. In the midst of all the terror and anti-Jewish anti-Israel activity Remember- Va’yechi Yaakov – Yaakov Avinu lived!!! We Jews live connected to our real and only source of life – Hashem, Hakadosh baruch Hu. Hashem we need and we want the ‘geulah shleimah’ NOW. We believe in it and we really want to see and be in it NOW. Send us Your Moshiach NOW! Parshat Va’yechi, the last parsha of sefer Bereishit, parallels the opening parsha- Bereishit. Parshat Bereishit begins with the glorious Creation, with Adam and Chava in the Garden of Eden. But soon they are expelled from the blissful garde

Parshat Vayigash

Featured Video from the 13th Siyum in Jerusalem - Dancing in achdut with Reb Shlomo Music medlay Reb Shlomo on Parshas Vayigash -How Can I Ever Return? "For how can I go up to my father?" (Bereishis 44:34) What happened when Yehuda stood before Yosef? He mamesh knew that this was the end for him. He saw that he had lost his share in the Coming World, because if Binyamin had to stay in Egypt, he could not go back to Ya'akov. How could he return to his father without Binyamin? He might as well commit suicide - he had absolutely nothing more to do in this world. And suddenly he realized, " Gevalt, for my whole life, from the beginning until now, everything I've done was wrong..." So what did he

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