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Shavuot – Converts, Building Bridges with Christians

Shavuot – Converts , Building Bridges with the Christian Community Everybody knows we read the story of Ruth who converted to Judaism on Shavuot. What is even more remarkable is the Impact of Converts and their descendants on the development of the Jewish People. I have written in previous blogs on the impact of great personalities who were either converts or descendants from converts – King David, Rabbi Akiva, Onkelos, Avtalyon, and Sh’maya. Fast forward till today, and we know of Righteous Converts who inspire us with their passion and love of Israel and the Jewish People. Many of these come from serious Christians Families and went through much soul searching and heartache on their journe

Parsha Nasso - Lifting ourselves up

Parsha Insights by Rav Yisrael Smith The last aliyah of this week's parsha presents us with a great spectacle - the twelve day parade of the nsi'im, the leaders of the twelve tribes, bringing their offerings for the inauguration of the mizbeach. This series of offerings follows the completion and inauguration of the mishkan by Moshe Rabbeinu that was completed on Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Once the building of the mishkan was finished, the nsi'im, who had waited to make their offering, were left with nothing to offer. Rashi says they reasoned that whatever the people did not supply they would bring. However the people were generous and willingly supplied all the needs of buidling the mishkan. The

Shavuot - Stories & Inspiration

Shavout : Torah Stories and Story Torahs Dear Friends, Shalom uvracha mi'Yerushalayim! Blessings of the sweetest Torah to all. The most important thing is to ready ourselves to receive Hashem and His Torah. We need to open our hearts to receive it. Our minds serve to digest and ingest its words into our beings, but we receive it with our hearts. Tonight we celebrate the great wedding of Hashem and Am Yisrael and all are invited. We will get dressed nicely and we will have a festive meal with song and dance; but most important is that we enter into the Chuppah [some synagogues actually set up a wedding canopy] willingly and sincerely. May Hashem give all of us the strength to pray and celebra

Celebrating The Month Of Sivan, The Art of Receiving

Featured Video - Reb Shlomo Carlebach Ztl Powerful Teachings of how to deal with seemingly difficult times of your life, Teachings of the Torah / Kabbalah / Stories of Tzadikim / Talmud - The Surprising Benefit of Going Through Difficult Times, what hidden behind the worst or difficult times of your life We welcome the new month of Sivan at sunset on Saturday, May 23rd and Sunday, May 24th. According to Kabbalistic teachings, each month has a unique energy and spiritual opportunity. The month of Sivan is known to be one of the most beautiful months of the year both physically and spiritually. Not only is nature blossoming this month, we also come alive in Sivan! Sivan is a time of love, inti

Rebuild Jerusalem, the Holy city, soon in our days

I thought I would try to paint a picture of positively of the centrality of Jerusalem and how Jerusalem was, is and will be shining light. Jerusalem has been the holiest city in Judaism and the ancestral and spiritual homeland of the Jewish people since the 10th century BCE and is coveted by both Christians and Muslims as a consequence of Jewish history. The six day war enabled the unification of Jerusalem. This war was forced on Israel, and Israel was left alone and facing a very a formidable defeat of the united Arab Armies led by Egypt which the backing of Russia. They were stabbed in the back by France (read the EU), which was not dissimilar to the British support of the Arabs in 1948 a

Parsha Bamidar - not only about Counting

Parshat Bamidbar On Rosh Chodesh Sivan- on this day we came to the Wilderness of Sinai "as one man with one heart - כאיש אחד בלב אחד" Dear friends “ad 120 b’simcha” Shalom Uvracha mi'Yerushalayim! We hope that all of you are very well B”H. In just a few days we will all be standing together as Hashem's brides at Har Sinai to 'receive' the "giving of the Torah" b'simcha. Mazal Tov lift them up - שְׂא֗וּ אֶת־רֹאש everyone wants to be raised up everyone needs to be uplifted everyone needs to know that they are worthy to live in Hashem's light and to bring His holy light into every cell and fiber of his being everyone need to know that they can illuminate the world of darkness wi

Parshat Behar-Bechukosai

Parshat Behar-Bechukosai Yom Yerushalayim 2 Dear friends “ad 120 b’simcha” Shalom Uvracha mi'Yerushalayim! We hope that all of you are very well B”H. B"H the last 12 days of the Omer counting are packed with extra kedusha as we move up to Shavout, to once again receive the Holy Torah. We have several very special days ahead of us. First there is this Shabbos mevarchim- blessing the new month of Sivan. Then this coming ‘28 Iyar please join together with all of Israel to joyously celebrate “Yom Yerushalayim” – the 53th year since the miraculous liberation and reunification of Yerushalayim, the Holy City, and all the amazing lifesaving miracles of the Six-day War (1967). And then it will be Ros

Moshav Meor Modi’im – a 2nd Chance

Moshav Meor Modi’im – a 2nd Chance The featured Video – Don’t Give Up On the first year anniversary of the tragic fire that burnt the homes of the residents of Moshav Mevo Modiin, we are honored to release this cover of the Moshav Bands inspiring tune “Don’t Give Up”, performed by the residents of the moshav and friends. We would like to deeply thank all those who gave their time, efforts and talents to this project. May we merit to see the new moshav sprout from the ashes, stronger and more beautiful than before, bzchut our teacher Reb Shlomo Carlebach and the amazing residents of the Moshav who’ve always had their doors open to anyone in need, lifting our hearts and spirits, teaching us wh

Parsha Emor - Breathe , Appreciate

When looking what to post on Parsha Emor, I could not think of more approtiate, sensitive and spitritual thoughts as written by Reb Sholom Brodt z"l. These words take on an even deeper meaning when viewed through Corona glasses. We feature 2 teachings from Reb Shlomo. The First one on Lag B Omer. The 2nd one is Incredibly Powerful Teaching on Emor which features Reb Shlomo speaking to R' Zalman regarding the Torah at a Dharma Confrence Dear friends “ad 120 b’simcha” Shalom Uvracha mi'Yerushalayim! We hope that all of you are very well B”H. May we all be blessed to appreciate and celebrate every moment of Shabbos, every word and letter of Torah. We should be blessed to appreciate every Jewi

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