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Ki Teitze – When am I Ready for the World?

The beginning of our Parsha is כי תצא למלחמה על אויביך, when you go out to battle your enemies. When the Torah talks about someone going out to war, it writes it in singular. So let me ask you friends, how can one Jew go out and conquer the world? Here comes the deepest. There are two struggles going on in our lifetime. One struggle is going on inside, deep down inside. This struggle is when I don’t even know if I want to be a Jew, I don’t know if I should keep Shabbos. I don’t know if I should be married to my wife or not. I already have grown up children, but I haven't decided yet if I should have had children. Some people are sitting in Israel and they still don’t know if they should have

Parsha Shoftim and Elul

Reb Shlomo Carlebach On Parshat Shoftim Shoftim Vshotrim Titen Lecho Bchol Sheorechu (The torah commands us to put Judges and guards at the entrance to all of our gates.) The Shelah HaKaddosh, The Holy Shelah, explains that the gates we are talking about this week, are the seven gates we all have, Two eyes, nostrils, ears and one mouth, when we know how to guard them, keeping away from hearing, seeing and talking bad on one another, so listen to me my sweetest friends, the Torah calls it Shaar a “gate”, the deepest depth is that they open for us all the gates of heaven, Hashem wants to give us so much we just have to take care of the gates, like in jewllery shop they have the doors, they onl

Parsha Re'eh - Elul

Parshat Re'eh Reb Shlomo learning Even Shlomo The Shabbos before Rosh Chodesh Elul is always ‘Re’eh Anochi’. It’s the Shabbos where G-d gives back to every person the vision of the way we are suppose to look. And here I want you to know something very deep. It says ‘Re’eh Anochi’, ‘Behold See that I’ is all in singular, Nosen Lifneichem Hayom, ‘Am Placing Before All of You’, is already said in plural. So everybody is asking, why does G-d start off by saying ‘Re’eh’ in singular but ends off ‘Lifneichem Hayom’ which is already in plural? The answer is very simple. The world always thinks that in order to fit into a society you have to give up your individuality. The more you become a bagel th

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