House of Love and Prayer

The House of Love and Prayer is a Centre (Including a synagogue) where the melodies of Rabbi Carlebach fill one’s soul with joy and sweetness. Named after the popular Carlebach center in San Francisco,

Today, there are is a Tzfat's House of Love and Prayer shares the goal of giving everyone the feeling of home--even if one lives at the other end of the world. In addition , the seeds of a House and Love Prayer is taking root in Tel Aviv. Our dream is for every major City around the world to have a House of Love and Prayer.

Cultural and Spiritual Center

Established by students of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, this shul offers Carlebach’s renewed approach to one’s relationship with G-d and Judaism and focuses on building an appreciation of life and deepening bonds with our loved ones. The House of Love and Prayer is also a cultural and spiritual center with lectures, workshops, evening concerts and activities for all ages. In the summer, during Tzfat’s famous Klezmer festival, they hold a lively Carlebach festival.

Rabbi Carlebach taught that the greatest thing in this world is to do something good for someone else. As a result, the House of Love and Prayer does acts of charity in the community. The center is actively involved in rehabilitation programs for youth at risk and offers subsidized afternoon homework help for children from troubled families. The center also offers afternoon courses in guitar, violin, science and art for children who can’t pay for regular courses. They also visit ill, elderly and lonely people in Safed.

Heartfelt Prayer and Song

At The House of Love and Prayer, one can experience spiritual elevation like never before. The Kabbalat Shabbat services are filled with heartfelt singing, dancing, clapping and focused prayer to the tunes of Carlebach. Saturday prayers are very meaningful and the seudah shlishit offers touching words and insight based on the stories of Carlebach. Havdalah rocks as guitars, flutes and drums say farewell to a most fulfilling Shabbat. The synagogue makes all special occasions meaningful, creating incredible ruach for bar and bat mitzvas, brit milas and baby naming ceremonies.

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So lets us now look more closely a the original House of Love and Prayer existed at the nexus between Hippies, Jews, New Religious Movements, and the Countercultural Revolution in San Francisco in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Though a brief moment in San Francisco Jewish history, it illuminates the unique social, cultural, political, and religious forces that merged together to form a robust and particular Jewish expression in the Bay Area, which has continued into the twenty-first century. The House of Love and Prayer no longer exists in physical form today, however those who experienced it continue to live a Jewish life attributed to and rooted in the spirit of the House all over the world. The memories of the House of Love and Prayer continue to live on.

The House of Love and Prayer successfully redefined methods of religious worship while revitalizing Jewish spiritual connections among detached and disaffiliated Jews at a time of great crisis in Jewish and American life. It was a radical Jewish experience that sought to bring lost souls into a meaningful and spiritual Jewish life. The individuals who lived at and built the House of Love and Prayer attempted to infuse greater Jewish spirituality and tradition into everyday experiences for those Hippies who were searching for meaning, offering a uniquely Jewish alternative to the mostly secular Counterculture.