Unfortunately today, there is growing trend by our Jewish youth to not only identify and support Israel, but to be anti.

We now need to cultivate a greater understanding of :

a) the Jews rights to Israel

b) The Torah as a base of Zionism

c) refute the Arab claims

d) understand the importance of having a Jewish State.

In this Video taped in Phoenix, AZ at a teaching on February 6, 1994.Temple Chai. copyright Spirit of the Desert Productions. Reb Shlomo make a passionate plea that is still very relevant today.


Reb Sarah Leah founded Ruach Hamidbar – Spirit of the Desert in 1989. She is committed to inspiring, educating and supporting people to joyfully experience and celebrate their Jewishness. Reb Sarah Leah blends her background in the arts and traditional Judaism with Jewish renewal spirituality, chassidut, and kabbalah.

Her mentors include Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi from whom she received her Rabbinic ordination. Reb Sarah Leah is also an accomplished documentarian and is the producer of a growing multi-volume DVD library on the topic of Jewish Renewal. She is currently completing a feature documentary about Jewish Renewal.

Rabbi Sarah Leah resides in Scottsdale with her husband Steve Klemow, a Realtor, and their son Shlomo Ziggy.

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