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Twenty three years ago, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Z”L left this plane of existence. It is extraordinary to see how his shira-song and Torah are emerging into Am Israel and into the world. He single-handedly created prayer songs that continue to open ‘shaarei tefilla-the gates of prayer’ ‘besimcah ve’beranaana-with joy and jubilation. He taught the post holocaust world to sing with God again. His Torahs through tapes and books in Hebrew and English are inspiring and enlightening new generations of light and truth seekers. Apparently, there any more than a few people in the Mir and other related yeshivot that are listening to his Torahs and story tapes in their non Beit Midrash time. So many Shabbes tables are reading and appreciating Shlomo parsha teachings for dessert. This is a huge gift from the creator because the Jewish and non Jewish world urgently need entries into the light and tastes of the Garden of Eden that awaits us as we perfect ourselves and the world. Reb Shlomo Z’L provided us with so much illumination and song. He was and is a huge blessing in my life. As you may know, I have a profound interest in the Torah of Rav Kook TZ”L. I came to the conclusion recently that Reb Shlomo in his teachings , actions and musical creativity exemplified and amplified the core teachings that Rav Kook emphasized. Rav Kook wrote extensively about the song of the soul. I would like to share a short passage from his writings in honor of the living soul song that Reb Shlomo was and that he gifted us with. May his soul continue to elevate and shine. “If your soul is singing, your must know that you must sing your song in the world...” (Notebook 8:9) “When the heights of music and song merge...we rise through the freedom of Godly song and melody to the higher world. It is full of elevated, holy and exalted aspirations and desires. We then see the good of the light that enlivens all the worlds, the Divine structure of all existence and the complete unification of life. This fills us with amazement and grandeur in the splendor of the Divine pattern. We are then blessed with the joy of the eternal. ‘Blessed is the One who chooses musical songs of praise, the Sovereign One who gives life to all existence” (from the Yishtabach prayer)” (Notebook 2:117) Blessed be the singing soul of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Z’L who gifted so many of us with songs and teachings that can elevate all life. -------------------------------------------------------- Itzchak

Marmorstein is a musmach of Reb Shlomo Z”L. He is the gabbai at the Beit Knesset of Beit HaRav Kook. He would like to invite everyone to prayer song with us there.