Hakarat Tov

As we all aware, the bones of the solder of Zechariah Bauman was returned after many years of campaigning. So, the relatives of Zechariah decided a few months ago that instead of complaining they would think of the positive things about the Prime minister. And give Hakarot Tov to all the IDF, and the efforts made to return the Body.

They related this to Bibi when he called them in advance of the return of the Body, and Bibi gave over this story. This was related by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyaho,

About the same time, or as stories take a life of their own, or maybe as a result of these positive thoughts, the Israelis discovered something very important security info which was vital for Russia. So, Bibi flew to Moscow to share this info to Putin. They knew this would be an opportunity to ask for Putin's help, and they made a list of 20 requests, which they whittled down to 3. So, when Bibi gets there, he suddenly had a thought about Zechariah. He forgets the list and starts asking Putin to help get the bones of the solder back. Putin reacts - bones, this is what you care about. You have my ear, and this is what you ask about. Putin was moved by the compassion and dignity of the request, that he not agreed to helping getting the bones back , but was more open to the other request's on Bibi List.

So, this story is about the effect of Hakarat Tov . Showing and having Gratitude.