3 weeks after the Moshav Fire

3 weeks have passed since fire on Lag B Omer that destroyed the Moshav Of Mevo Moddiin. The road has been bumpy. In this blog I want to share a video of some emotional words from Alon Teeger on how the Chevra are dealing with being homeless.

Additional Resource


There are a number of individual campaigns to help the individual families on all kinds of sites. There is now an Official Campaign on Jgive.


The Campaign is led by: Elnatan Golomb, Alon Teeger, Brachie Sprung, Chani Pearlstein, Barak Cohen

There is Concert “Artists sing for the Residents of Mevo Moddiim” at Hechal Tarbut Petch Tikvah on Sunday 23 June at 8.30. Tickets can be bought at this link


extract of TV Interview with Chanita Golomb and some of Homeless


I also share 3 quotes from the homeless that were extracted from Face Book.

AFTER THE INFERNO, three weeks on.. My friends, The Secret Flame appeared, turning the inside and outside into one, forcing all barriers to crash down to ash . What was once green and lush and laughter, is a ghost town. A catastrophe ! Humiliated, head lowered. Mournful, distressed; astonished ! The dew of goodwill, fortitude, comfort and peace cometh ...THE WAKE UP call, has us all on our heads. Now the sun rises in the West ! After years we will still be amazed and dismayed, yet for twenty years the writing had been on the wall : “ A house divided cannot stand.” Half a century gone in the blink of an eye !! Refugees in our own Sacred Land, amongst our people. Thanks to You Compassionate One. The future out there, on the horizon looks bright and buoyant. Along side our children and grandchildren, arm in arm, G-d’s plan will surprise, amaze, fascinate us all. See you at your great grandchildren ‘s weddings. Amen. Selah !


Families whose homes survived the Fire, choose one or two families who lost everything to "buddy up" with. Look after these people with the greatest care, make sure they have everything they need during this transition stage, and see to it that they make it home safely with honor, dignity, in good health and in high spirits


I usually have no trouble expressing my thoughts but since the devastating fire that raged through our Moshav destroying almost all of our homes I am numb and without words. Each time I begin to write my mind fills with images of all that was and is no longer. The tears begin to flow and my limbs become useless. Sometimes hands me a beautiful scarf and I begin to cry. We have fallen collectively into the arms of Am Yisrael and they are holding us up both physically and spiritually. It is now just over two weeks since our lives overturned. I feel that I should be returning to some sort of normalcy but I find myself staring into space. We are humbled by the tremendous love and support of our families and friends and by the incredible hospitality of Yad Benyamin who are hosting and feeding us. Many healers have come to give us treatments of shiatsu, acupuncture and massage. People we barely know bring organic food and vitamins. It is overwhelming to be the recipients of so much chesed. We pray and look to the time that we will be able to give back and we hold in our hearts the belief in HaShem's love and guiding light to lead our steps home. Thank you all for your prayers.

Despite all the hardship, there are many stories of Chesed and Miracles. One being the saving of Reb Shlomo’s Books.



Sometimes we think, “Is there really one G-d in the world?” Then something happens to us and mamash, we know. It was not a miracle. G-d was showing us, “I really am here.” - Reb Shlomo Carlebach