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Parsha Chaya Sarah – Eretz Yisrael, going beyond yourself and finding Love

Welcome to another exciting Parsha. As Rabbi Nachman said – the Parsha is about you and me. It Is Chaya Parsha and our Parsha starts off with the story how Avraham purchased the cave and Field in Hebron. This is the birthplace of people. This shows our historical right and connection to Hebron. The EU, the Democrats UNESCO, social media and the Arabs are trying to rewrite history. So let's use out weekly meeting with Shabbat to make Torah - our connection to the truth, our guidebook relevant to us. Let's learn and connect to what has kept the Jewish people alive and vibrant over the last 2000 years and more It is poignant that this week.

So, we thank President Trump who by no coincidence in the week Parsha Chaya Sara who recognized our (obvious) rights to our ancient Homeland – Judea & Samaria (which incorrectly referred to as the West Bank). No, it is not the West Bank. It is Judea our birthplace as this powerful video of Reb Shlomo Show.

We also thank President Trump for his moral Compass. Thank you combatting the lies and false claim of Occupation. Yes, Israel is home to both Jews and Arabs. There is no reason why we can not live in liive in peace and stop the world incitement against Israel. Without going into politics, there is no question that there was massive immigration by both Jews and Arabs from 1882 and there was massive growth in Arab settlement in the Land illegaly occupied by Jordan where 35,000 people came to Hebron alone. The same pattern in Silwan and other areas of Jerusalem. As they say , a picture is worth a 1000 words. Photots from the mid 1800's tell the real story.

A Miracle Zivug for Yitzchak – Reb Shlomo

Everyone generation is special, but everybody knows, we are living in a very special time. The question is, what is so special about the times we are living in?

Everybody knows, this Shabbos we are learning that Eliezer is looking for a wife for Yitzchak. He made for himself a sing. He will stand by the well and if a girl comes and he will ask her for water, and she will say ' not only will I give you, but let me have the honor to also give water to your camels', she's the one.

Now the Medrash says that he say this little girl of three going down to the well, and the well was very deep. Eliezer saw, that she doesn't even have to go down all the steps to get the water. The moment she went down the first step, all the water from the well came up to greet her. Obviously, this means that as young as she is, she is very special and holy girl.

So everyone is asking, after seeing something like that, why would you have any question as to who the right girl is. This must be the girl for Yitzchak Avinu. A girl that is so holy that the water is greeting her, why is it that Rivkah wanting to give water to the camels is deeper than the miracle of water coming up to greet Rivkah?

Let me ask you a deeper question. According to the Medrash, this whole story took place Friday afternoon. Imagine, after she gives Eliezer some water, she would have said 'I'm sorry, I can give you water but I don't have time for the camels.' Who cares if she gives water to the camels? Isn't she holy enough based on t what took place before?

Let me share with you one more thing.

Avraham Avinu's life was filled with miracles. He was through into the fire, and spent three days in there, eventually coming out of it. He had a son at 99. In the wars that he fought with Eliezer against the other kings there were miracles upon miracles. Yitzchak Avinu? I'm sure he was surrounded by miracles day and night, but when it comes to Yitzchak Avinu, the torah doesn't really tell us about miracles.

So what's going on here? And here I want you to open your hearts.

There are G-d miracles and there are Israel miracles.

His miracles and our miracles.

Avraham is teaching the world that there is one G-d, and G-d can do anything. You can be in a fire for three days and you can come out. G-d can give you a baby when you are one hundred. Yitzchak's thing in the world is Jewish miracles. A man of 37 is ready to die for G-d a million times. Do you know what kind of girl he was looking for? He wasn't looking for w girl who is holy enough that the water comes to greet her. He wants to see if she is a miracle worker, but what type of miracle worker? Someone asks her for a glass of water and she says 'can I please have the honor of also giving water to your camels?'

Friends, what we need today is 'us' miracles.

Let me tell you, the truth is, every Jew who is holding out in Israel, it's not G-d's miracle - it's a Jewish miracle.

I just want to give you and me and all of us strengths, lets continue to perform great miracles. Any Jew in the world who is still a Jew today is a miracle. Not G-d's miracle, our miracle. A Jew who still believes that one day the whole world will be filled with peace - it's our miracle. It's a Yitzchak Avinu miracle.

A tzaddik, is someone who is doing everything right, walking in G-d's path, that's maybe a little bit G-d's miracle. A person who suddenly changes his whole life, a ba'al tshuvah- that's a Jewish miracle. That a Jew wants so much to be a Jew, and is ready to give up everything in the world.

So I want to bless you and me and all of us. We should be priviliged to see all these holy miracles happening, until one day G-d will have to do one more miracle, but at that time friends... it will be a combined miracle.

When Mashiach is coming, let it be tonight.

Ve'eineiu Tire'na Malchutecha

Yitzchak Avinu - Post Akeida

There are two different levels in serving G-d.

One level is that through my Avodas Hashem, through my serving G-d the world should know there is one G-d. The other level is where it has nothing to do with the world, it's just me and G-d. So to speak, the world doesn’t exist. There is only one G-d, that’s it. This is also a very high level.

These two levels are the basic difference between Avraham and Yitzchak. Avraham Avinu is always thinking about how he wants the world to know there is one G-d. For Yitzchak there is no world, just him and G-d. But Yitzchak is so much aware of the presence of G-d. Yitzchak is all about that there is only one G-d, so much so that Yitzchak doesn’t pray for anything. Yitzchak is not on the level to ask G-d for something, because if G-d wants to give it to me - He gives it to me.

Everyone knows that the emanation of Yitzchak is Gevurah, to fear and be in awe before G-d. When Eliezer brought Rivkah to Yitzchak it says ‘and he brought her to his tent and he loved her'. Strange, suddenly Yitzhak comes to the level of Ahava and starts to connect with love? What happened to Yitzchak?

I’m sure Avraham Avinu prayed for Yitzchak, but the Torah never says openly that Avraham and Sarah prayed for children. The first one who mamesh prays for children is Yitzchak. Yitzchak? Isn’t Yitzchak the one who says that if G-d wants me to have something he will give it to me? Yitzchak shouldn’t even pray. When did he learn how to pray? The answer is that something happened to Yitzchak.

After the Akeida Yitzchak Avinu learns how to reach beyond himself.

Except from Reb Shlomo Brodt z”l Parshas Chayei Sarah

We dedicate today's learning to all our brothers and sisters who are seeking their soul-mates; may the merit of Yitzchak and Rivkah help them find one-another, quickly, b'simcha. May we merit the complete redemption quickly in our days, Amen.

Have a wonderful Shabbos

b'ahavah ubivracha


Reb Shlomo Carlebach on Parshat Chayei Sarah

“And Isaac went out to the field to pray toward the evening”-

Bereishis 24:63

You know my darling friends, what is Yitzchak all about? When it comes to the last few minutes of the day, Yitzchak shows up. Our holy father Yitzchak brought the prayer of Mincha down to the world. You see what it is, when I wake up in the morning like Avraham Avinu, I have so many gevalt plans for today, but when the day is over, gevalt, am I broken.

Let me share with you something so heartbreaking and yet so beautiful. In the Freidiker Rebbe’s diary (Sefer HaSichos, the year 5708, p. 227) he writes that when he was five years old he went on a walk with his father at around Mincha time, late afternoon. His father, the Rashab, asked him why is the sun red before it sets? And this is what his father told him. Every morning when the sun begins to shine the sun is saying that today I will bring Mashiach, today I will redeem the world. But then, when the day is over and it didn’t happen, the sun is ashamed. So the sun gets red with shame.

So the prayer of Mincha is whatever you hoped for this day, God says you didn’t do it, but I give it to you as a gift. I don’t want you to walk away from this day thinking you didn’t do anything,

and Mashiach will come tomorrow

Good Shabbos!


B"H it is thundering and lightning and raining and pouring here in Eretz Yisrael. May it always be גשמי ברכה - rains of blessing! This

Shabbos we will bless the new month of Kislev and soon we will be celbrating Channukah בס"ד. It will be Rosh Chodesh on Thurs and Fri this coming week. Chodesh Tov

Reb Tzaddok Ha-Kohen of Lublin teaches that the rains of Mar Cheshvan are reminding us to see to it that we actualize the commitments we made to Torah learning, as we danced with the Torah on Simchas Torah. "Ain mayim elah Torah", 'water' represents Torah, for just like wat