Yom Ha’azmaut - Come to the Land of Israel

One of the Key principles and challenges is to acknowledge the role of God in the world. For reasons beyond our understanding , God allows evil, wars , disease, sickness and now the Coronavirus. There is a lot of suffering .

We have to believe that Hashem is running the world and this is for the good. Just as we accept the Holocaust and the state of Israel, was God’s hand, so is the Coranavirus which does not distinguish between good and bad.

There may be a silver lining to our personal, national and world challenges. One area is for us to be more caring and sensitive to the suffering to others.

Israel’s survival has been through pain, many wars and too much terror and we first we remember the soldiers who lost their lives , and those who are injured, maimed for life. The featured video exemplifies this spirit of concern , compassion which shows a visit of Reb Shlomo Carlebach to Hadassah Hospital after the Yom Kippur war in 1973.

This year we need to add a special thanks of appreciation to all the Medical personal taking care of the coronavirus patients m and risking their lives,


I believe we have to thank God for the miracle of Israel with its imperfections , and allowing us to return to our ancestral homeland.

By way of inspiration, I am sharing two inspiration quotes:

YOU WERE WRONG”: A Letter From Yehuda Meshi-Zahav To His Uncle, Rav Amram Blau, Founder Of Neturei Karta ,

“It is hard to believe that only 75 years ago, not hundreds of years ago, a Jew could not find a way out. No one wanted us. We were the lowest and most despicable people, we rolled between the death camps and the forests of Europe as animals in a daily struggle for survival. At the end of the terrible war, every refugee returned to his home, but the Jews were the only ones in the world who had nowhere to go, neither home nor country. Until the establishment of the State of Israel. Thousands of generations of Jews dreamed of a state, and here we have won what many did not. The State of Israel arose and was against all odds.

If your generation rightly feared the Zionist state, 70 years later it was proven that the State of Israel, with the help of G-d, is the one that saves and protects the people of Israel, and it is the safest place – the best place to live as a Jew who observes Torah and mitzvos.”

Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook wrote this open letter, which he named, “The Great Call,” to world Jewry in 1907 when the Turks ruled the Land of Israel, when travel was difficult, when livelihood was sparse, before there was a Jewish airline, and a thriving economy, a rebuilt Jerusalem, government subsidies, and Jewish communities filled with yeshivot, modern ten-story apartment buildings, and split-level homes.

“To the Land of Israel, Gentlemen, To the Land of Israel! Let us utter this appeal in one voice, in a great and never-ending cry!

“Come to the Land of Israel, dear brothers, come to the Land of Israel. Save your souls, the soul of your generation, the soul of the entire nation; save her from desolation and destruction, save her from decay and degradation, save her from defilement and all evil — from all of the suffering and oppression that threatens to come upon her in all the lands of the world without exception or distinction....

Brothers! Children of Israel, beloved and dear brethren, come to the Land of Israel, do not tarry with arrangements and official matters; rescue yourselves, gather, come to the Land of Israel...

“Escape with your lives and come to Israel; G-d’s voice beckons us; His hand is outstretched to us; His spirit within our hearts unites us, encourages us and obliges us all to cry in a great, powerful and awesome voice: Brothers! Children of Israel, beloved and dear brethren, come to the Land of Israel, do not tarry with arrangements and official matters; rescue yourselves, gather, come to the Land of Israel....

“And now, who is so blind that he does not see the L-rd’s hand guiding us in this, and does not feel obligated to work along with G-d? A heavenly voice in the future will cry aloud from the top of the mountains and say, ‘Whoever has wrought with G-d, let him come and receive his reward.’ Who can exempt himself from doing his part in bringing additional blessing and swifter salvation; from awakening many hearts to return to the Holy Land, to the L-rd’s legacy, that they may become a part of it, to settle it with enterprises and buildings, to purchase property, to plant and sow, to do everything necessary for the foundation of life of a stable and organized settlement....

“Brothers, come to the Land of Israel.”