Kol Chevra in its 26th Year

Dedicated to My Beloved Aba, z’l

Emuna Witt-HaLevi Due to the passing of my aba, Chaim Eliyahu ben Yisroel and Chana z”l, and corona, I literally forgot to work on the Kol Chevra, but we managed to gather a full issue, Baruch HaShem! My Aba, z’l was my chauffeur for the first 18 years of my life. Thank you, Daddy, thank you!!!He drove me to Young Judean events, Summer Camps, then NCSY, Morasha, then B’nei Akiva, to Crown Heights (with my little brother, too!), to and from Yeshiva High school of Queens when I started at 16! And he drove me to the train station every morning when i went to Stern College. But the most amazing part of the journey, my Aba, z’l, drove me to Reb Shlomo’s, concerts, teachings, his wedding (my Aba was invited!!). We shared so much, I can only cry remembering how much he did for me. Both my parents came a few times a year to Israel, to visit. For so many simchas!!   With tons of boxes with presents for all the children! May I  be blessed to be able to do for my children a fraction what they did for us!! Enjoy this 26th Kol Chevra; keep dancing and celebrating. We, Reb Shlomo Chassidim, will change the world

with our simcha!

Reb Shlomo speaking: “Just open your hearts, friends. Sometimes you are crying so much for Light. And then G-d in His Infinite Mercy, gives me one split second of Light. Then we walk away and think, “How did we lose this Light?” You didn’t lose it; G-d gave you a taste for one second of the utmost beautiful Light. If you taste this Light for one second, you are not the same person anymore. You see what it is?  You may not be a complete vessel for this Light. This Light is Infinite. If you taste this Light for one second, you do have it. Maybe it’s not shining, but it's deep, deep inside; so deep that you yourself cannot fathom it. This Light, I cannot even comprehend that this Light really got into me. How is it possible? This Light is Infinite. G-d’s Light, if you tasted it for one second, when do you get a glimpse of it? You know when you get a glimpse of G-d’s Infinite Light? When is this great moment that you get a glimpse of it? At that split second when you do something good! On one condition, you have to do it with utmost joy! If you do one good deed with so much joy, your whole heart is filled.

“Thank you G-d, I can do Your will.  Thank you G-d so much, I can do someone a favor. Thank you G-d so much, I can make the world better! This moment, I get a glimpse of this Light. “When you love someone very much, you want to have a taste of their soul, a taste of their Infinite Light which connects them to G-d. Do them a favor, on an Infinite level. “Blessing all of us with the taste of this Infinite Light, with a glimpse of this Infinite Light, with opportunities to do one good deed with so much joy, and then another, another, another. “May the world be healed. May we all connect to each other on the deepest levels. May we have complete vessels to catch all the Light. May we all stay best friends.”

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