Parsha Veera 5781 – The God of Covid19

I tell what you really what irritates me are the pictures that people post of having their Covid19 Vaccination Injection and the fuss and reliance on this. Don’t get me wrong . I am all for Innovation, and Medical Tech. But we forgot to mention God in this discussion.

I want to share what Rabbi Alex Yisrael wrote on Facebook which puts a beautiful perspective on this.

“I'm so excited and feel incredibly fortunate to have received the vaccine today. It feels like a historic moment. I said this prayer from Massechet brachot 60a (with a slight addition):

יהי רצון מלפניך יי' אלהי שיהא עסק זה לי לרפואה ותרפאני ותסיר מחלה ומגפה מקרבינו כי אל רופא נאמן אתה ורפואתך אמת

Why did I feel that it was important to say a Tefilla?

One of the features of Coronavirus is that it has cracked our hubris, our veneer of invulnerability; it had granted us humility in place of modern society's delusions of grandeur.

Our health, our social life, our family engagements, our communal life, our travel, have all been curtailed by Covid. Economies are in disarray. Many have experienced sickness, the untimely loss of loved ones, or crushing loneliness, unemployment. We have all palpably felt our exposure, our fragility our lack of control.

And now science has provided a way forward. I said this prayer today to bring a Higher Power into this moment. Yes - I thank the scientists, the researchers, and the Israeli government, who have all so ably swung into gear to vaccinate us speedily and in such large numbers.

But at this special moment I also acknowledge in a deep way, that we are not invincible and not even really in control, and I thank God for my health and that of my family, and I pray for a way forward to the end of this global pandemic very soon.”

So, what has this got do with Our Parsha. In this Weeks Parsha Veera we see the direct involvement of God in the affairs of the World, and which starts of with the words “God spoke to Moses” , and then we see how God hardened Pharaoh’s Heart and started the 10 Plagues .We see the direct involvement of God in the world. Our sages teach us that God’s Presence in hidden the world. A Fundamental Principle of Judaism is that we believe that God controls the world. It requires Faith in God. When we look at the Holocaust, the suffering in the world, and now the Covid19, this challenges our Faith. We put to much faith in the Vaccine.

I like to say we live in an Imperfect Perfect World. Every Family has their some sort of trouble or challenge and carry some sort of Pecklach – Health, Money , Kids trying to find their place in their world, There are so many stories of Loneliness and abuse.

The big question is why? We could say that we need to do Tikkun Olam – be a partner in God in repairing the World. We could say that our personalities and soul are ‘perfected’ or at least refined through hardship and challenges.

This week’s Parsha tells us about an active God . God brought us Covid19. Yes, Indeed to repeat this. God brought us Covid19. And as believing Jews we need to realise that with Covid19 that there is bigger plan here.

In fact, this is how I am presenting my calling in Business. Quoting from my website

If Covid19 taught us anything is that we are all in this together. Despite all the Health, Social and Economic Hardships as a result of Covid19, there has been a massive response in Innovation and the rise in the concepts of ESG – Environment, Social and Governance in the business world.

Bu, there are many Spiritual lessons from Covid19. As Rabbi Shlomo Katz repeatedly says “We do not want to go back to world as we knew it before Covid19”

We want to have learned and grown from this, and be part of a better world where Community, Family comes before Business and self-interest. We have seen the increase in Cooperation and Collaboration in Business and Invite you to join a unique Event this Tuesday Evening titled “Building & Scaling Healthtech Collaborations” co-hosted by, a NGO which I volunteer for.

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One of the Fallout of Covid19 was the loss on Community and Shuls, I want to share a teaching from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach which highlights an important insight.

“Here I want you to know the deepest depths, I just want you to open your hearts. There is Torah and Tefila. Torah is when I understand what I am learning. Tefila, praying is also saying words of the Torah, but I don’t understand it yet. I understand a little bit, I can read what it says, and gevalt is it precious to me. I want you to know, when we put on a tallis when we daven and we say ‘Ma Yekar Chasdecha Elokim’ because davening is so precious. You know why the Holy Temple is destroyed? The Holy Temple is the place of davening. What happened to us?

Things stopped being precious to us, it wasn’t so precious anymore.

In conclusion, Covid19 comes and teaches us look at what is important and precious in Life.

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